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Founder of

Broken Crayons


Speaker & Author


Podcast Host


Before you dive into all that I do professionally, I’d love to just share my heart and let you meet my cutie family! My heart is for the broken looking for hope. Whether that’s in your own personal life, for your kids, your marriage or your faith in Jesus. Where there’s brokenness I want to go there, because that’s where I believe God hovers and tends and shows up in wild ways. Maybe I’m just crazy enough to believe we can find hope if we work for it, or maybe it’s because of my own personal story of trauma, abuse, childhood wounds, a toxic marriage, divorce, church hurt and a journey of finding hope in healing and redemption. Either way I’m glad you’re here and I’m believing that you’ll find hope here, or at least the resources to help you get there. Keep scrolling for a pic of my fam and here fun looking around!

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The team at Broken Crayons Still Color has joined forces with their friend, Hope Moquin, to create a mini devotional that wades through these realities of anxiety, abuse, feeling trapped, break through, and finding hope even in the most bleak moments. Follow the voices of four women with different backgrounds, stories, ethnicities and family dynamic, who know what it’s like to feel like they are at a dead end in their brokenness—yet, have claimed victory in Jesus overcoming all things. Who have clawed their way to hope and are still standing to tell the story. 


There is no darkness Jesus can't touch, and there is no pain we can't come back from. We cannot and will not be defeated. We are overcomers.


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Still Coloring

In the Still Coloring podcast, Toni invites you to lean into the stories of women and men that uncover their brokenness and practically show how they rebuilt their lives with hope and grit. Toni hopes that you would be inspired, poured into, and walk away believing that you too can create something beautiful with your life, no matter what.


Whether a podcast, live event, recording, or conference, Toni's energy, passion and joy electrifies crowds and connects audiences of all dynamics crossing age, gender, cultural, and socioeconomic gaps to reach the heart.

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