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I just don't think it's enough to think and pray about healing and wholeness. God has gifted us resources, trusted voices, and even medical expertise to dive into the works of true transformation. Check out the books and devotionals below to help kick start a life of bravery right in the middle of your brokenness.


Help your kids process big feelings, build a social-emotional tool kit, and find beauty in life's challenges with this creative story that expresses the hope of the gospel from podcast host, speaker, and mom Toni Collier. Avery has big emotions and bubbling anxieties about changes in her life. When her crayons break as she scribbles furiously, she discovers that they have personalities and feelings too! And they can show her how to use her love of coloring to manage scary, overwhelming feelings and embrace curiosity and joy.

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We’ve created bracelets that help financially support women in the horn of Africa AND your littles by matching the colors of the bracelet to the feelings color wheel.


The world has lied to us. It has made us believe that the key to success is perfection— when really, it’s surrender. We’ve fabricated our lives to industry standards, yet we’ve seen respected leaders, politicians, and pastors fall due to moral failures.


We’ve seen suicide rates go up. We’ve seen trauma bonds created, and we’ve seen shame grip the souls of believers all over the world. We must exchange our ideas of perfection and embrace brokenness if we are to reclaim hope for our lives.

In her first book, Brave Enough to Be Broken, dynamic speaker Toni Collier explains that we can exchange perfection for hope only when our wounds and scars are seen and known, when unconditional love abounds, and when we’re brave enough to embrace pain and be completely broken and surrendered to a God who exchanges that brokenness for His power and hope. 

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anxiety & abuse DEVOTIONAL


Toni Collier has joined forces with her friends, Sewa Fields, Nathalie Maxey & Hope Moquin, to create a mini devotional that wades through these realities of anxiety, abuse, feeling trapped, break through, and finding hope even in the most bleak moments. Follow the voices of four women with different backgrounds, stories, ethnicities and family dynamic, who know what it’s like to feel like they are at a dead end in their brokenness—yet, have claimed victory in Jesus overcoming all things. Who have clawed their way to hope and are still standing to tell the story. There is no darkness Jesus can't touch, and there is no pain we can't come back from. We cannot and will not be defeated. We are overcomers.

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